Inicio – English

We are a family company located in La Salzadella, (en la comunidad valenciana), dedicated with passion to agriculture since various generations. Our goal is to tell our story, share our values and the way we understand life through agriculture.

We want to transmit our love for nature and the fields, plants, fruits… sharing our compromise with the future with you.

COMPROMISE with our environment, achieving the best qualities for our products:

  • 100% Organic –  directly from the field to your meals
  • 100% Natural –  free from toxics, chemicals and pesticides
  • Ecological 100% –  certified from the ecological regulation organisms CCPAE and CAECV, to offer you our products with maximum control and security


Slow and reflexive consumption

Rural and agricultural development

Revaluation of the traditional from the affection and love for our origins


At the moment we are registered as ecological vegetables producers in CAECV and CCPAE, being able to offer our products with the highest level of confidence, reliability and control, completely free from waste.


We bet for ecological agriculture instead of the intensive methods, producing in our fields:

*The well-known cherries in La Salzadella

*Different varieties of EVOO, monovariety and coupage.

* Pistachios